Death Proof
(2007) (R)

This cult horror movie favorite follows tough talking stuntman Mike (Kurt Russell), a psychotic serial killer who uses his death proof stunt car to kill girls. Until he meets a group of girls that turn it around and attempt to give him a dose of his own medicine. Kurt Russell, Zoe Bell, Rosario Dawson, Rose McGowan, Quentin Tarantino.

(2015) (UR)

Brodie and Zakk bond over their love of heavy metal. The two start a heavy metal band but when they begin to play music from a mysterious music sheet, their dreams of becoming rock stars will have to be put on hold when they inadvertently summon an ancient evil. ilo Cawthorne, James Blake, Kimberley Crossman, Sam Berkley, Daniel Cresswell, Delaney Tabron, Stephen Ure, Colin Moy, Jodie Rimmer, Nick Hoskins-Smith, Erroll Shand and Kate Elliott.

Deep Red / Profondo rosso
(1975) (R)

When pianist Marc witnesses the murder of a psychic, he gets obsessed with finding the killer. Marc teams up with a reporter, which only seems to inspire more killings, and soon realizes he will be the next victim if he doesn't solve the secret of the mysterious killer. David Hemmings, Daria Nicolodi and Gabriele Lavia.

Deliver Us from Evil
(2014) (R)

A rash of strange crimes are plaguing New York. The crimes seem unbelievable in nature such as mothers trying to kill their own children. Officer Sarchie begins to investigate together with priest Mendoza to uncover a dangerous supernatural connection. Eric Bana, Edgar Ramírez, Olivia Munn, Chris Coy, Dorian Missick, Sean Harris and Joel McHale.

Dementia / Daughter of Horror
(1955) (UR)

This modern silent film noir, examines the sick mind of a young woman who was abused as a child, and now is abused by her husband, until her mind finally shatters. Adrienne Barrett, Bruno VeSota, Ben Roseman.

(1985) (NR)

While riding the subway, a strange man wearing a mask gives Cheryl (Natasha Hovey) tickets to a movie screening. Cheryl invites her friend Kathy (Paola Cozzo) and they meet up with two boys at the theatre. Meanwhile, a woman in the lobby tries on a demon mask that is hanging on the theater wall and is transformed into a demon with an insatiable hunger for fresh meat and infecting everyone she bites. Most of the theatre gets infected quickly and the exits are gone. Now Cheryl and her date have to fight the demons to survive and figure out how to get out. Co-starring Urbano Barberini and Karl Zinny.

(1974) (R)

Based on the life of Ed Gein. After his controlling mother passes away, a disturbed man misses her so much that he digs her out of the grave. He then begins to rob other graves and kill to keep up his sick obsession. Roberts Blossom, Cosette Lee and Leslie Carlson.

(2010) (R)

A small group of people get into an elevator that suddenly gets stuck between floors. While waiting for help, a pattern emerges where the lights go off and someone gets wounded. The stranded have to figure out who or what is responsible. Chris Messina, Caroline Dhavernas and Bokeem Woodbine.

(1955) (UR)

This classic horror film follows Christina (Vera Clouzot), the long suffering wife of abusive Michel Delassalle (Paul Meurisse), and Nicole Horner (Simone Signoret), Michael's feisty, but equally abused mistress. The women hatch a plan to kill Michael and succeed, but someone else has other plans. Where has Michael's body gone and who is responsible?

Diary of the Dead
(2007) (R)

One of George Romero's zombie . Jason (Joshua Close), his film school friends and their professor, while filming a low budget horror movie, hear TV news reports of zombie sightings. Jason seizes the opportunity to seek out the undead and film the real carnage. Meanwhile, the American government tries to control the situation, but the resilient zombies wipe out all communication with the outside world. Jason's girlfriend Debra, unsuccessfully tries to contact her family. Now they must find save passage through the zombie infested streets to Debra's home. Michelle Morgan, Joshua Close, Shawn Roberts.

Dog Soldiers
(2002) (R)

A British Squad is sent on a training mission in the Scottish wilderness. Ignoring the rumors about the area, they continue with their mission until they come across the bloody remains of a Special Operations unit. After hearing fierce howling, they try to abort the mission and head for safety when they run into a zoologist named Megan who knows what is hunting them. It seems they are in werewolf territory. As the sun sets, the soldiers try to find shelter and protection for the night, but the vicious werewolves are very strong and very hungry. Sean Pertwee, Kevin McKidd, Emma Cleasby.

(2009) (NR)

Vince is going through a divorce and is very depressed. His buddies who have female problems of their own, decide to take him on a weekend of drinking and fun. They head to this remote village where the women outnumber the men 3 to 1, but what they find is that all the women have been infected by a strange virus that turns them into psychotic creatures with an appetite for male flesh. Danny Dyer, Noel Clarke and Emil Marwa.

(1987) (R)

In the middle of a bad storm, a group of people seek shelter in a remote mansion owned by an eccentric elderly couple. At first sight, the group is charmed by the couple's knack for doll making. But it soon becomes clear these dolls are not your typical dolls you find at the store.

Don't Be Afraid of The Dark
(1973) (UR)

A young couple inherits an old Victorian mansion with a locked room. Soon after the wife opens it, strange things begin to happen and little Sally begins to see strange creatures. No one believes Sally. People are dying and the strange creatures seem to be responsible. Is Sally crazy or are evil demons haunting the mansion? Kim Darby, Jim Hutton, Barbara Anderson.

Don't Be Afraid of The Dark
(2011) (R)

Little Sally (Bailee Madison) has just moved with her father (Guy Pearce) and his new fiance Kim (Katie Holmes) to an old dark house. She finds strange beings living in the dark. They appear to be friendly, but these creatures have an ominous plan that needs to be stopped before it is too late. Katie Holmes, Guy Pearce, Bailee Madison

Don't Breathe
(2016) (R)

A broke trio of friends decide to break into a blind man’s house for an easy score. But the blind man is not who he seems and the teens will have to figure out how to escape before they become his next victims.

Don't Look Now
(1973) (R)

Grieving John (Donald Sutherland) and Laura (Julie Christie) Baxter have just moved to Venice, Italy after their little daughter died. There they meet a lady who says that the little girl is still around. John then begins to see the little girl everywhere. Is there something she is trying to tell him? Co-starring Hilary Mason.

Don't Torture a Duckling
(1973) (UR)

In a remote Italian village, there is a child-killing psychopathic killer on the loose. A reporter conducts his own investigation, but there is more than one suspect and no one talks to outsiders in this village. Florinda Bolkan, Barbara Bouchet, Tomas Milian.

Dorm / Dek hor
(2006) (UR)

Ton has just been transferred to a new boarding school where he is unhappy being the new kid. He's terrified about the ghost stories about the deaths that have happened on the school. When Ton finally makes a friend, he soon realizes his friend has a dark secret. Charlie Trairat, Chintara Sukapatana, Sirachuch Chienthaworn.

Dorothy Mills
(2005) (R)

Jane Morton (Carice van Houten), a psychiatrist who has just lost her husband and son in a car accident, takes the case of Dorothy Mills (Jenn Murray), a teenage girl in a small Irish village accused of trying to strangle a baby while babysitting. She diagnoses Dorothy with multiple personality disorder. But soon realizes that the village has a dark secret and there are evil forces surrounding Dorothy.



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