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Best Horror Movies of All Time
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The Best Horror Movies of All Time

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(2009) (R)

A small time band will do anything to make a hit and become famous. When the sexy singer Jennifer gets bitten by a vampire her looks dramatically change and the band is an instant hit. But this kind of fame comes at a price. Malcolm McDowell, Rob Stefaniuk, Jessica Paré, Paul Anthony and Alice Cooper.

Best Horror Movies to Watch, Horror Movies, Suck

Suicide Club
(2001) (R)

Strange suicides are sweeping through Tokyo. Suicide clubs have been spurring all over the city and detectives are baffled. A cord made of human flesh from the suicide victims is always found at the death scenes. A young woman contacts the head detective and informs him of a site that seems to predict the number of deaths. The only lead they have is a new all girl group in town. Ryo Ishibashi, Masatoshi Nagase and Mai Hosho.

Bst Horror Movies to Watch, Horror Movies, Suicide Club

(1977) (R)

This horror classic follows Susan, a young American girl who recently got accepted into a prestigious European ballet school. When she arrives, she realizes there's something strange going on as she's faced with bizarre occurrences, from a shower of maggots to poison in her food. She soon learns that the school is a front for something evil! Jessica Harper, Stefania Casini and Flavio Bucci.

Classic Horror Movies, Best Horror Movies, Good Horror Movies to Watch Psychological Horror Movies, School Witches, Suspiria

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street
(2007) (R)

In Victorian London, barber Benjamin Barker is happily married to beautiful Lucy and they have a lovely child, Johanna. But Lucy's beauty attracts a powerful admirer, wicked Judge Turpin, who falsely accuses Benjamin of a crime that he did not commit to obtain custody of beautiful Lucy. Benjamin vows revenge and after fifteen years in prison he finally returns a changed man full of hate and a bloody thirst for vengeance. Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter, Alan Rickman, Sacha Baron Cohen.

The Best Horror Movies Sweeney Todd

Tales from the Crypt
(1972) (PG)

This cult classic follows a group of tourists on a sightseeing trip. When they wonder off and enter a strange crypt, they meet a mysterious man who foretells how they are going to die and gives them a strange ultimatum. Joan Collins, Peter Cushing, Roy Dotrice, Ralph Richardson, Ian Hendry.

Top Rated Horror Movies of All Time 1972 Tales From The Crypt Cult Classic Horror Movies Joan Collins, Peter Cushing, Roy Dotrice

Tales from the Crypt: Demon Knight
(1995) (R)

There are 13 special containers which hold the blood of Christ and have the power to decimate evil. The Collector (Billy Zane), one who wants to bring chaos to the world, has six of the containers and he has been tracking Brayker (William Sadler), a vagabond, who holds the last seven. Jada Pinkett Smith.

The Best Horror Movies Tales From the Crypt

Tales from the Hood
(1995) (R)

Three young crooks go to pick up drugs from a funeral parlor when the eccentric funeral director takes the time to tell them spooky stories about some of his fascinating clients. Clarence Williams III, Corbin Bernsen, Joe Torry, Tom Wright, David Alan Grier.

Horror Movies, 1995 Tales from the Hood, Clarence Williams III, Corbin Bernsen, Joe Torry, Tom Wright, David Alan Grier

(1968) (R)

People's lives will change today. There is a sniper killer around shooting at random people. When the killer decides to go to a drive-in where a horror movie is playing only to be confronted by the aging horror movie star of same film. Boris Karloff, Tim O'Kelly and Arthur Peterson.

Best Horror Movies of All Time 1968 Targets  Boris Karloff, Tim O'Kelly, Arthur Peterson

(2006) (NR)

This dark and disturbing horror comedy, shows the strange and bizarre behavior of three generations of men from World War II to present Hungary. A disgruntled employ decides to seek revenge on his boss by sleeping with his wife but is caught in the act and murdered by his boss. From this illicit encounter a morbidly obese man is conceived. He then marries an obese woman and conceives a son who grows up a very thin man with a fondness for cats and a career in taxidermy. Csaba Czene, Gergely Trocsanyi, Marc Bischoff.

Best Horror Movies, Horror Movies, Taxidermia

(2007) (R)

This comedy horror follows Dawn, a teen girl that after being sexually assaulted discovers there is something different about her anatomy. She grew up close to a nuclear plant and has developed teeth in her vagina. How would she cope with this new discovery? Jess Weixler, John Hensley and Josh Pais.

The Best Horror Movies Teeth

(1982) (R)

As soon as Peter Neal, a writer, arrives in Rome, there are a series of gruesome murders imitating those in the novel he is currently promoting. Detectives have no clues to go on. When Peter gets a letter from the murderer letting him know that his novel has inspired him to kill the sinners, he feels somehow involved and starts his own investigation which would lead to a terrifying truth. Anthony Franciosa, Giuliano Gemma, Christian Borromeo.

Best Horror Movies, Fario Argento, Horror Movies, Tenebre

(1996) (R)

While doing a thesis about violence, Angela Marquez, a film student in Madrid, becomes obsessed by her subject when she finds a disturbing snuff film that involves her professor's murder and the disappearance of several campus students. She asks her classmate Chema to help but she suspects he cannot be trusted. Soon she'll enter a hellish nightmare from which she might not get out alive! Ana Torrent, Fele Martinez, Eduardo Noriega.

Best Horror Movies to Watch, Horror Movies, Tesis

The Abominable Dr. Phibes
(1971) (PG-13)

There's a serial killer on the loose whose murder resemble biblical plagues. The police detective assigned to the case has no leads except that all the victims are doctors involved in the unsuccessful operation of a woman who eventually died. Vincent Price, Joseph Cotten and Hugh Griffith,

Top Horror Movies to Watch 1970s Classic The Abominable Dr Phibes Vincent Price

The Amityville Horror
(1979) (R)

This horror film is based on true story of George Lee Lutz, Kathy Lutz, and their children who have just purchased their dream house on the coast of Long Island New York at a bargain price. Soon after, the house murderous history starts to take a toll on the family when they begin to experience strange apparitions and personality changes. Things begin to escalate and even the catholic priest cannot help them. Will they survive the evil presence in the house? James Brolin, Margot Kidder, Rod Steiger, Helen Shaver.

 Best Horror Movies to Watch, The Amityville Horror

The Amityville Horror
(2005) (R)

After a young family moves into a home that was the scene of a crime, strange events begin to take place and the husband’s personality begins to change with dangerous consequences. Ryan Reynolds, Melissa George, Jimmy Bennett, Jesse James, Chloë Grace Moretz, Rachel Nichols, Philip Baker Hall.

Horror Movies, 2005 The Amityville Horror,  Ryan Reynolds, Melissa George, Jimmy Bennett, Jesse James, Chloë Grace Moretz, Rachel Nichols, Philip Baker Hall

The Asphyx
(1973) (PG)

In 19th century England, renowned scientist Sir Hugo Cunnigham is curious about the mist photographed leaving the bodies of dying people. This leads him to explore the paranormal and begin a search for immortality but some things are best left unknown. Robert Stephens, Robert Powell, Jane Lapotaire.

Top Rated Horror Movies of All Time 1973 The Asphyx Robert Stephens, Robert Powell, Jane Lapotaire

The Awakening
(2012) (R)

This ghost story takes place in 1921 England. A boarding school for boys seeks the help of Florence, a paranormal investigator, to help with strange sightings. Skeptic Florence accepts and begins the investigation and just when she thinks she has the mystery figure out, something will change her beliefs forever. Rebecca Hall, Dominic West and Imelda Staunton.

Top Horror Films to Watch 2012 The Awakening  Rebecca Hall, Dominic West, Imelda Staunton New Horror Movies

The Babadook
(2014) (UR)

Amelia gives birth to her son Samuel the same day she tragically loses her husband. Samuel, now seven, has horrible and increasing tantrums and has become convinced that a monster is out to get him. Now Amelia is sensing a terrible presence in the house. Essie Davis, Noah Wiseman, Daniel Henshall.

Horror Movies, 2014 The Babadook, Essie Davis, Noah Wiseman, Daniel Henshall

The Baby's Room
(2006) (NR)

Juan and Sonia have a wonderful life, they are in love, just had a beautiful and healthy baby boy, and recently bought the house of their dreams. Life changes for Juan and Sonia when a baby monitor begins to capture sounds that should not be there and a video monitor picks up menacing phantom images. Juan must figure out the house's dark secret before it rips his family apart. Javier Gutierrez, Leonor Watling, Sancho Gracia.

Foreign Top Horror Films to Watch

The Bay
(2012) (R)

From the producers of Paranormal Activity and Insidious. It's the fourth of July in the charming town of Chesapeake Bay. The preparations for the celebrations are on the way and the towns people are getting ready for the fireworks tonight. But all is not well in the peaceful town. There is something dangerous lurking close by, something that can wipe all humanity. Kristen Connolly, Kether Donohue and Jane McNeill.

Best Horror Movies to Watch 2012 The Bay New Horror Movies

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